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PFD(Power Fail Detector): A PFD monitors conditions of a power supply, judges the upcoming malfunction, and calculates time of early warning.

Single output: positive electrode (Vout), negative electrode (RTN).
Multiple output: positive electrode(Vo1, Vo2, …), negative electrode(COM).

Hot swap power supply: A hot swap power supply can be replaced when the equipment is power-on and functioning normally. Two hot swap power supplies for a set, and they share quantities of supplying power equally.

When connecting Sinpro's standard products in parallel, it is necessary to minimize the deviation of each output voltage, interconnect by low resistance cables and then connect to application equipment.

Mounting method of series connection is as below: As long as pins are connected in series with COM pin,±48V output voltage can be realized.

All equipment exist problems of EMC. Sinpro's DC/DC converters have a wide range of usage and have been kept a certain sufficient allowance when we designed.

DC/DC converters belong to components. When their voltages are within safety low voltage range, it is unnecessary to apply for safety Certificates.

Sinpro's standard products are all "disconnected", but we can modify products for clients' requirements.

Due to different standards, the test contents might not be exactly the same. Sinpro is not able to commit to you that products will pass Certificates without modifications.

Please refer to instruction manual of power supplies from "downloads" of Sinpro's website.

Most of Sinpro's products will automatically restart after conditions of overload, overcurrent, and overtemperature are removed.