Working Environment
We treat everyone as our family member. We take care of every employee's work and requirement of life. In the field of food, accommodation, transportation, education, and entertainment, we provide perfect service, and facilities.
  1. Ac equipment
  2. Staff dormitory
  3. Fitness equipment/ billiard table/ table football
  4. Basketball court/ volleyball court
  5. Coffee machine( offer free famous coffee beans)

Comfortable Environment

Fitness&Recreation Center

Mutifunctional Conference Room

Employee's Health
We think our employees are our most valuable capital, so we take good care of them in every part.
  1. Annually physical examination: invite qualified hospital to our company or arrange our employee to the hospital to take examination.
  2. Company activities: anniversary, company trip, family day, and art activities. Let our employee can enjoy nature and their life, and get work-life balance.

Annually physical examination

Company activities

Factory Celebration

Employee Salary and Benefit
Based on company’s balance development, and harmonious labor relations. We guarantee employee’s life security, and encourage useful employees. We also set up fair and reasonable salary system to ensure the best human capital and make our company more competitive.
  1. Salary: Base on the rule of equal wages for equal works. Salary is the reward of the work and benefit’s distribution. Therefore, we will distribute benefit which base on each employee’s contribution. In other words, we will give our employees salary which base on their performance and how important their positions are.
  2. The base of job evaluation: according to the base of job evaluation, we set up salary level and give different competence for different salary such as management, technique, and administration.
  3. Meet the labor market’s demand: salary is the key to control labor market. High salary can attract extraordinary people and make them satisfied.

Company Welfare:

  • On-the-job training
  • Free lunch(vegetarian food)
  • Proposal bonus
  •    Profit sharing and employee stock purchase plan
  •    Performance bonus
  •    Holidays bonus for the three important Chinese holidays
  • Group insurance and travel insurance
  •    Travel subsidy
  •    Birthday cash gift
  •    Wedding and funeral subsidy
  •    Employee physical examination
  •    Employee uniform
  •    Employee parking lot
  •    Staff canteen
  •    Nursery room

On-the-job Training

Free Lunch (vegetarian food)

Monthly Birthday Party